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Quilting Quest: In Stitches

Quilting Quest (In Stitches)Unlocked at Level 23 (if you started playing during the All Grown Up Update) to unlock the Quilting hobby

Complete this set within the time limit 6 days (5 days 23 hours remaining at the start) to unlock an exclusive patchwork teddy.

The Quilting quest:
- Call a Friend (3 mins on 3star phone)
(Life is feeling just a little tougher than usual today in Sim town.
Call a friend to vent.)

- Bring a Sim to the park
(How strange, the line got crossed and an old Sim answered the phone. She seemed so happy with life that it's hard not to feel a bit jealous of her. There's got to be a reason why! She did mention she likes the park. Why not try there?
Get a Sim to the park and see what's happening.)

- Gaze serenely on a park bench (21 Hrs and 26 mins)
(That old Sim is one smart cookie! They said a patchwork quilt is just what your Sims are looking for!)

- Ask a Sim about the serene gaze (14 Hrs, special interaction with another Sim)
(Wow did you see the Sim sitting there on the bench? They sure looked peaceful, as if all the worries of their world were just melting away!
Question another Sim about the serene gaze on their face.)

- Bake an Apple Pie (40 mins)
(Interesting. It seems the park has an incredibly calming effect on a Sim. Perhaps there are more things to explore here but first it's time to give a hungry Sim some food! Have a Sim bake an apple pie at home.)

- Give some pie to another Sim
(1 Hr, special interaction with another Sim)
 (It's strange but making that apple pie felt strangely soothing. The patchwork look of the latticed pastry and the warm soft deliciousness really can sooth a Sims jangled nerves from time to time. Your Sim made too much pie though!
Give some pie to a Sim.)

- Feed ducks (15 mins, in park only)
(It was super nice of that Sim to give over the pie and all, but sadly they gave it to a Sim with an apple allergy. Take the slice to the park and give it to the ducks. They'll probably get really hyper over all the sugar as an added bonus too!)

- Paint a picture (3 Hrs)
(Seeing that Sim sitting there in the warm air feeding those ducks looked really comforting. That image is locked into your Sims mind, but only for the moment! Get your Sim to paint a picture of it before they forget all about it!
Note: To paint a picture you'll need an easel. You can buy one in the Promotions R Us store located on the Sim town map!)

- Freak out over amazing picture (1 min, use easel)
(Wow did you see that incredible, colorful painting? It's enough to put a Sim into one the best moods of their Simmy little lives!
Get a Sim to freak out over the amazing picture!)

- Draw out a chess game (24 Hrs)
(Look at that Sim freaking out like that! They looked far too excited to be looking at a bunch of colors slapped on a canvas page! A long, drawn out, peaceful game of chess is what a level headed Sim really needs. Head over to a chessboard and play a long drawn out game of chess.
Note: If your Senior Sims are taking a while to get around try 'inspiring' them to get those feet moving again!)

- High five a Sim (needs two friends, not good or best!)
(That was an amazing game of chess! The pattern on the chess board really jumped out too! Kind of like, patchwork you might say.
High five a Sim to celebrate how awesome that chess game was!)

- Call the old Sim back (10 Hrs 40 mins on a 3 star phone)
(One can't help but notice there have been a lot of happy Sims around the place lately. The warm expression of the relaxing Sim in the park, the comforting taste of the apple pie, the colorful look of the freakishly amazing painting and the patchwork pattern of a traditional chess game. Warm, comforting, colorful and patterned. There's something in that but how is a Sim supposed to know how to put it all together? That old Sim from before knew about happiness.
Get a Sim to call the Old Sim back.)

- Get overexcited at another Sim (1 min, interaction with another Sim)
(That old Sim is one smart cookie! They said a patchwork quilt is just what your Sims are looking for!
Have two Sims get overexcited at one another upon hearing this revelation!)

- Search for Quilting Online (4 Hrs 27 mins on 3 star computer)
(A quilt may be the distilled elements of happiness itself in a colorful jamboree of comfort and creativity, but how on earth does a Sim make one? Search for quilting on the internet quick smart!)

- Drive to the quilt fair (24 Hrs)
(According to the infinite wisdom of the interwebs, there seems to be some kind of quilt making fair happening right now! The only bad news is that it's miles out of town but there's still time! Have a Sim drive to the quilt making fair!)

- Make a fancy coffee (3 mins on a 3 star coffee machine)
(That quilt fair was very informative! Exhausted though your Sim may be they're too excited about this to sleep now. Have a fancy coffee to keep those Sim eyeballs wide open!)

- Grow potatoes (2 Hrs)
(According to the quilt fair any quilt maker worth their salt needs strong hands! To really callous a Sims mitts they need to dig around in the soil. Grow some potatoes.)

- Heat hands in warm water (12 mins, use sink)
(Another tidbit from the quilt fair is, it turns out heating your hands in warm running water to make them more adept at sewing fantastic quilts is a thing! Worst case scenario your Sim will have sparkling clean hands so let's find out if it's true! Heat a Sims hands in warm water.)

- Play 'Quilting mama' game (10 hrs on 3 star TV)
(The hands are ready but your Sims need training! Since they're not old enough to do real quilting yet, they'll have to practice in the virtual world by playing the latest quilt related motion controlled video game! Quilting Mama! Play Quilting Mama on a TV.)

- Get the quilting kit (Cost § 2,500)
(All set. The Sims are excited and colorful patchworks are set to flood everybody's lives with joy! Get the quilting kit so the senior Sims can start making life into a quilted reality for everyone! Note: You can find the Quilting Kit at the Promotions 'R' Us store. Only Senior Sims can use it.)

 For finishing the quest in record time, you've unlocked an exclusive patchwork teddy! Find it in the Home Store!

Note: Unlocking does NOT mean Free! You need to buy it for § 28,000!

Your Quilting Sim can participate in a quilting competition too.

Hobby Details:

The collectibles: 
1 In Bloom 
2 The Eternal Struggle 
3 Rigorous Splendor
4 Blue Overalls 
5 Yule be Black
6 Trade Secret
7 The Architect  
8 Brown Fury
9 True Believer  
10 All the Kings Men
11 The Telltale Heart 
12 Alfs Deceit

Level Names:
1 Patchwork Mismatcher
2 Supervised Stitcher
3 Fabric Handler
4 Quality Quilter
5 Sewings' Secret Weapon
6 The Needle Master

Rewards for completing collections:
1st completion of collection unlocks Lazy Patch Chair

2nd completion of collection unlocks Patchwork Couch
3rd completion
of collection unlocks Patchwork Bed

Happy Simming!

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