Thursday 23 January 2014

All Grown Up Quests

This update starts with two quest lines: Adulthood and Seniors
The first unlocks the ability to grow up teens (and returns the missing Adult clothing).
The second unlocks the ability to "grow up" adults into seniors (and if completed within the limited time, an exercise bike).

What's new:
It's time to complete the Family Tree from Babies to Seniors!
• Age your Teens into Adults by completing the "Adulthood" quest at Level 19+
• Welcome Senior Sims to the family by completing the "Seniors" quest at Level 21+
• Master the Quilting Hobby to spoil the grandkids with a handmade Teddy bear – available at Level 23+ from Feb 5 [Note: Quest will be made public on this blog on the 3rd!]
• Take up the new Bird Feeding Hobby and unlock a Pet Bird – available at Level 25+ from Feb 19 [Note: Quest will be made public on this blog on the 17th!]
• Win the Simoleon jackpot at the Bingo Hall
New houses:
(The Scandinavian house was already present)

Please note that if you have NOT completed the Previous (grow up) Quests yet, these two quests will be added to the queue.

The Quests:

Adulthood (Time-limited to a week from start):

- Send a Sim to the Park
- Rearrange Chess Board... (8 hours) 

- Hide in the Park Toilet (4 hours, but completes instantly) 
- Bring a second Sim to the Park
- Continue Playing Chess (4 hours)

- Ridicule another Sim (3 hours 12 mins)
- Stare vacantly into the Park Fountain (1 day)
[Some reported this could be:] - Stare at the Park Statue (1 day)
- Dance to Electronica (music) in the Park (5 hours)
- Have 3 Sims in the Park
- Complain to a Sim (1 min)
- Mock another Sim (1 day)
- Grill Em All on the BBQ (8 hours)
- Call a Sim to the Swim Centre
- Use the Slide (7 secs)
- Drink an Energy Drink at the Swim Centre (30 mins)
- Ridicule the Trophy Case (1 day)

- Send a Sim Home
- Watch the News (star level dependent 3-5 mins)

- Confess to a Sim (30 mins)
- Clean up Trash (16 hours)
- Have 5 Sims dance to a Park Stereo (5 hours but completes immediately )

This unlocked extra clothing for adults. (The ones removed with the Teen update).

Seniors (Time-limited to 3 days from start):

- Send a Sim to the Swimming Centre
- Feed the Pigeons (2 secs)
- Investigate Pigeons (7 mins)
- Wait for a Senior on a Park Bench (3 mins 20 secs)
- Investigate THE DOOR in the Park (10 sec)
- Welcome senior Sim (Welcome future-self! 5 secs)
- Talk to a senior (1 min)
- Stand on the X (4 secs)
- Complain to a Senior (1 min)
- Warn Simanity on a Soap Box (1 day)
- Complain to a senior (1 min)
- Be nice to future-self (1 min)
- Search garbage for cupcake (2 hrs) [Kick over the bin first]
- Search garbage for cupcakes of doom II (16 hrs) [Can be the same bin]
- Dispose of cupcake (25 secs) [Use kicked bin]
- Send present-self to the park

- Be nice to future-self (1 min)
- Dance with future-self (10 secs)
- Be nice to future-self (1 min)
- Visit the Snow Park
- Go ice skating (devoted dance, 1 day!)
- Snowball fight at Snow Park (2 hrs)
- Talk to the senior (1 min) [In the Park]
- Build the Bingo Hall on the island (36 hrs) [requires lvl 21]
- Partake in a 24hour Fishathon (24 hrs)
- Complain to future-self (1 min)
- Get 5 Sims together in a house
- Woohoo with a Sim (5 mins)
- Be nice to future-self (1 min)

 This unlocked an exercise bike for seniors.

Happy Simming!

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