My Sims Projects

I usually post my finished projects on the official forum here: Show us your houses. But I know posts get buried after a while and I prefer to showcase my Special projects here.

Ghost Hunting can be fun, but it becomes even more fun when you do it in a maze...
The advantage of this type of construction, particularly enclosing the lot with conifers, is that all ghosts follow the maze and are easier to catch!

Speaking of Ghost Hunting, the game makes references to the films Ghostbusters, so I decided to honour that and make a Ghostbusters team and their HQ.

Work in progress: The Run-Like-Mad-House
A project to make a sim take the longest distance/time from mailbox to toilet. Current top is 4 minutes and 30 seconds for a normal adult. (Sims dressed in Halloween outfits take much longer.) The house in my game is already better looking than this test version, when it's finished I'll update the pictures.

Upon entering the sim will have to navigate through the first part of the house through three levels. The picture shows top level at the top, bottom level at the bottom. The red lines show the path...

After leaving the first part of the house, the sim enters the maze, then the pool... When leaving the pool they'll need a little walk around the second part of the house...

After entering the second part of the house they'll need to navigate up again through the three levels, this time a little easier. Finally they reach the oh-so-badly-needed bathroom.

I don't have a problem if you recreate any of my designs, however do NOT claim this as your own. You may post is as "Designed by Perturbee" if you made an exact copy or "Inspired by Perturbee" if you changed a few things. 
None of my designs may be entered in any future contest as your own!

Happy Simming!