Friday 7 February 2014

Quest: Money Grows on Trees?

Money Grows on Trees: Unlocked at Level 7

This quest-line is not time-limited and unlocks the Simoleon Sprout and (access to) the LP Lotus (which costs Real Money!)

This quest has been last verified on the Family Furnishings update (July 2019)

Please note that times may differ from the ones listed due to the star-level of the objects.

- Grow some Carrots (5 mins)

- Watch a Documentary (54 mins)
- Make a Double Shot of Coffee (1 min)
- Grow Watermelon (1 hr) (Cancelled)
- Grow a Simoleon Sprout

-  Grow some Carrots (5 mins)
  (Were your Sims ever told off by their parents using the phrase "Money doesn't grow on Trees" Well, imagine if it DID grow on trees. Wouldn't that make everyone's life so much easier? 
Have a Sim 'Grow some Carrots' in a garden patch to test this theory on a small scale.)

- Watch a Documentary (54 mins)
  (A small amount of money came from the carrots, but not enough. If your Sims are going to make a plant that can grow money, they'll need a deeper understanding of plant genetics. Surely there's a documentary on TV about the dramatic life of plants... Ideally narrated by some sort of famous Sim. Watch a Documentary on TV.)

- Make a Double Shot of Coffee (1 min)
  (Okay, your Sim has learned some valuable information about plant genetics. In order to produce MONEY instead of LEAVES, the plant needs more energy. Where do we get more energy? Coffee! More specifically, a Double Shot.)

-  Grow Watermelon (1 hr) (Cancelled)
  (Take the Double Shot you just made and use it to grow... Watermelon! More like Coffeemelon. This plan is fool-proof.)

- Grow a Simoleon Sprout
  (In the coma-like state your Sim entered after eating the microwaved coffee-melon, they reached a sudden moment of mental clarity! They think they've figured out the secret to growing a plant that sprouts MONEY! Go to the garden and grow a Simoleon Sprout.)

Happy Simming!

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