Tuesday 24 March 2015

Northern Glade Castle Information

The Northern Glade Castle

Once you've finished the Royal Lineage quest, you have access to the grounds of the castle. At that point you can start the Archery hobby, which unlocks the four statues. These four statues have to be build if you want access to the castle. The Archery hobby is straight forward, level up to unlock the next part of the collection and each row unlocks a statue. Once you've finished the collection you can build the "Royal Gallery".

Please note: There is no time limit to complete building the castle!

Tuesday 17 March 2015

Quest: Royal Lineage

Royal Lineage

Available from level 14+.
Have you ever wanted to be a princess or even king? Complete the "Royal Lineage" quest to open the castle gates and begin your adventure towards the throne!
Finish within the (7 days) time limit to bring cute and curious pet fairies to Sims' homes!

In order to start this quest you'll need to build the castle on the island (behind the volcano). The time it takes varies with the amount of buildings you have. Once the castle is built the quest will start.