Friday 1 November 2013

Road to Fame (Teen Idol) Quest

The Road to Fame Quests (or Teen Idol). Unlocked at level 18 (if you started playing during/after the Teens Update) 

They are straight forward and easy to do, but they take a lot of time with the music writing.  Basically it is a 'tutorial' for the Music Writing hobby.

This is a time-limited quest, you're give 7 days (6 days and 23 hours remaining at the start. 
Unlocks: access to the Teen Idol Hobby, Teen Idol instrument actions and to build the Simtown Sign on the Town Map. 
Reward: Premium Teen Idol musical instrument pack (Available in the Online store if you didn't finish in time).

Hobby: Music Writing

For the Music Writing hobby you'll need a Teen and various instruments. The first one you need is a keyboard. During the Road to Fame quest you are guided through how the Music Writing Hobby works, but I also added it here for completion of the hobbies guides.

This hobby is very different from any others. The collection can only be completed by using different instruments, one for each line of "music pieces". And more importantly only ONE teen can do it!

Each instrument comes in three star levels. With each line/instrument the time increases as well, 3 star keyboard takes 30 mins, whereas the 3 star microphone takes 3 hours! The instruments are unlocked during the Road to Fame quest.