Monday 2 November 2015

Potion Brewing Hobby Event

The Potion Brewing Hobby Event

Available immediately after finishing the "Saved by the Spell" quest. This hobby can be done by Teens and Adults.

A limited-time prize is available for the Potion Brewing hobby!
Complete the hobby within the time limit and earn a pack of incredible Wizard Costumes for your Toddler, Preteen, Teen and Adult Sims!

Requirements: The potion brewing cauldron (costs § 5,000, available from "Sourcerous Supplies" and "Promotions 'R Us"). You can have only one during the event, once you've completed the time-limited part, you can buy two more to collect the three next rewards faster.

Each row of the collection requires a different action, the first time you'll unlock the rows one by one.

You'll be rewarded with a lot of different furniture (also available in the home-store):
Congratulations! You've received the Wizard's Furniture Pack for your Sims homes! Find the new items in the Sorcerous Supplies Store on the town map!

And if you finished the collection in time, you'll also be rewarded with a pack of costumes (found under outfits!):
Congratulations! You've received the Wizard Costume Pack for your Sims! Find them in any wardrobe while using a Toddler, Preteen, Teen or Adult Sim!

After that, restart the collection to unlock Wizarding home items (door/window), Well, and Rugs. (Rewarded in random order):

Happy Simming!

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