Tuesday 1 September 2015

The Make-up Artist (Hobby) Event

The Make-up Artist (Hobby) Event

Once you've cleared the Hangout Central and built the Make-up Kiosk, you'll be presented with the event.

This event lasts 7 days, in which you can unlock the time-limited "Ultimate Beauty Vanity" as well as the "Coin Fountain".

You'll need 2 Sims to do this hobby. One Adult to tend to the kiosk, while the other (Adult or Teen) needs to "Browse for Make-up"

Finishing the hobby unlocks the Coin Fountain in the mall, costs § 10,000.

Finishing the hobby within the 7 days time limit unlocks the "Ultimate Beauty Vanity". Price: § 1,000.

Once you've completed the grid, you're invited to start the hobby over again.

This will make the new (NOT time-limited) rewards available, namely 7 packs of two new make-ups for your male and female Adults. But that requires completing and resetting the collection 7 times!

Happy Simming!

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