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Which Quests come when?

(Check the link for the latest version, the text below was updated on the 24th of September 2015, all quests have been verified with the
Family Furnishings update (July 2019) as well!)
Please note that the official version does NOT contain links to quest details!

Which Quest Comes When?

There are a number of quests available in The Sims FreePlay that unlock new content and features. We have included some of the important ones that you may need to know below. Remember that you will need to have completed all of these quests in the order received to unlock the quests that follow, particularly if you are already above the appropriate level to unlock the quest. E.g. You will not have access to The Mysterious Island quest without first having completed the Ocean View Estate quest.

Some of you may have already completed some of these quests as events in previous updates, so you may not see all of these quests appear in your game.

The first link for each quest points to the complete and detailed quest texts, which were gathered, reworked, typed and completed with screenshots all by me. Firemonkeys refused -despite asking- to give me the quest-lines.
Please send only links to others, as this has taken me many many many hours of playing several games from scratch!

Discovery quests become available alongside the regular quests and they need to be started by performing or building something. For example: The Book of Spells requires you to build Sorcerous Supplies to start the quest, whereas A Dance to Remember is started by tapping the bubble above the couple in the Park. This means you can do these at the same time with a regular quest.

  1. Bread Winner: Unlocked at Level 6 to unlock the Cooking ability and hobby.
  2. Money Grows on Trees: Unlocked at Level 7 to gain access to the Simoleon Sprout and Life Point Lotus plants.
  3. Love is in the AirUnlocked at Level 7 to gain access to the Park lot and Marriage for your Sims. *Additional reward: 'Wedding Outfits Bundle' available in the Costume & Swim shop.
  4. Two and a half SimsUnlocked at level 8 to unlock the ability to have babies in your town. *Additional reward: Unlocks 'Baby Decoration Pack' for purchase from the Home Store.
  5. Discovery Quest: The Book of Spells: Available from Level 8 and on. Unlocks the Spell casting and Broomstick Flying Hobbies. *Additional reward: Unlocks 'Dragons' as a pet for purchase from the Pet Store.
  6. Ocean View Estate: Unlocked at Level 9 to gain access to the Real Estate Career and Premium Home lots on the Town Map. *Additional reward: Unlocks 'Beachside Escape' Premium House to build.
  7. Discovery Quest: A Dance to Remember: Available from level 9 and on. Unlocks the Salsa Dancing and Break Dancing hobbies. *Additional reward: Unlock 'Lavish Rugs' for your home, purchasable from the Home Store.
  8. The Mysterious Island: Unlocked at Level 10 to gain access to the Mystery Island area of Sim Town by building the Bridge. *Additional reward: 'Island Replica Sentinel' is unlocked in your inventory.
  9. Raiders of the Lost Artifacts: Unlocked at level 10 to unlock Monuments and Resources from the Mystery Island. *Additional reward: Ability to collect the 'Treasure Chest prize pack' (not available in Online Store).
  10. Discovery Quest: Nanny Knows Best: Available from level 10 and on. Unlocks additional infant interactions and the Musical Expression hobby. *Additional reward: Unlocks infant overall clothing pack.
  11. Need for Steed: Unlocked at level 11 to unlock Horses and the Stables on the Mystery Island. *Additional reward: Unlocks 'Large Unicorn Painting' for purchase from the Home Store.
  12. Discovery Quest: Vacationer's Guide to the Outdoors: Available from level 11 and on. Unlocks access to Deer Springs Falls, and the Survivalist and Storyteller hobbies. *Additional reward: Unlocks sleeping bags for purchase from the Home Store.
  13. A Quest for ToddlersUnlocked at level 12 to unlock the ability to grow your babies into Toddlers, as well as have access to the "Adopt a Toddler" in-app purchase action available via Sim's phones within the game. *Additional reward: Unlocks 'The Dress-Up Chest' for free in the Home Store.
  14. Discovery Quest: The Sunset MallAvailable from level 12 and on. Unlocks the Sunset Mall stores and unlocks the Cat Walk and 10 Pin Bowling hobbies. *Additional reward: Unlocks "Pickle Sauce", a burger bar on the second floor of the mall.
  15. Discovery Quest: Pretty Little Planters: Available from level 12? and on. Unlocks the "Wumples  Play Center" and the second floor of the mall. *Additional reward: Unlocks the "See-Saw" for toddlers. 
  16. It's All Going SwimminglyUnlocked at level 13 to unlock the ability to build Pools in your house lots. *Additional reward: Unlocks 'Volleyball Net' for pools for purchase in the Home Store.
  17. Discovery Quest: Super Toddler Secret Mission: Available from level 13 and on. Unlocks the Finger Painting hobby. *Additional reward: Unlocks the "Super Toddler" clothing pack. 
  18. The Hidden Unicorn: Unlocked at level 14 to unlock the Show Jumping Hobby at the Stables. *Additional reward: Unlocks 'Unicorn Rocking Horse' for purchase from the Home Store.
  19. In Da Clubhouse: Unlocked at level 14 to unlock the Toddler Playhouse Hobby for Toddlers. *Additional reward: Unlocks 'Big Wheeled Trikes' for purchase from the Home Store.
  20. Discovery Quest: Royal Lineage: Available from level 14 and on. Unlocks access to the Royal Castle, Royal Decrees and the Archery and Jester hobbies. *Additional reward: Unlocks 'Fairies' as a pet for purchase from the Pet Store.
  21. Preparing for Preteens: Unlocked at level 15 to unlock the ability to age Toddler Sims into Preteens and the "Adopt a Preteen" in-app purchase action available via Sim's phones within the game.
  22. Discovery Quest: DIY Homes:Peaceful Patio: Available from Level 15 and on. Unlocks the ability to build outdoor patios. *Additional reward: Unlocks the Make-Out Couch for purchase from the Home Store. 
  23. Sous Judgemental: Unlocked at Level 16 to gain access to the Restaurant building on the Town Map. *Additional reward: Chefs Outfits pack for the Costume & Swim Store on the Town Map.
  24. An Alien Concept: Weather Machines: Unlocked at Level 16 to gain access to the Weather Machine. *Additional reward: 'Winter Clothing Pack' in the Costume & Swim Store on the Town Map and Winter Accessories for your Sims (accessible when you create a Sim or through a Wardrobe).
  25. Multi-Story RenovationsUnlocked at Level 17 to unlock the ability to add additional stories to your Sims' Houses. *Additional reward: Unlocks 'Elevators & Escalators Pack' for purchase from the Home Store.
  26. Discovery Quest: DIY Homes: Lovey-Dovey Balcony: Available from Level 17 and on, once DIY Homes:Peaceful Patios and Multi-Story Renovations are complete. Unlocks the ability to build balconies. *Additional reward: Unlocks planters and decorative privacy screens for purchase from the Home Store.
  27. Discovery Quest: DIY Homes: Basement of Kings: Available once DIY Homes:Lovey-Dovey Balcony is completed. Unlocks the ability to build basements. *Additional reward: Unlocks the ability to build the 'DIY Home' housing lot.
  28. Coming of Age: Unlocked at Level 18 to unlock the ability to age Preteen Sims into Teens, the "Adopt a Teen" purchase action available via Sim's phones within the game, as well as the "Adopt a Preteen" purchase action (if you did not already unlocked it via the Preparing for Preteens quest).
  29. Higher Education: Unlocked at Level 19 to gain access to the High School building on the Town Map. 
  30. The Pirate and his Goddess: Unlocked at Level 19 to unlock trading at the Jolly Rabbit Pirate Ship on the Mystery Island. *Additional reward: Unlocks the 'Pirate Fashion Pack' in the Salon.
  31. The Road to Fame: Unlocked at level 20 to gain access to the Teen Idol Hobby, Teen Idol instrument actions and to build the Simtown Sign on the Town Map. *Additional reward: Unlocks 'Premium Teen Idol Musical Instrument Pack' for purchase from the Home Store.
  32. Adulthood: Unlocked at Level 21 to unlock the ability to age Teen Sims into Adult Sims. *Additional reward: Unlocks the 'Adult Fashion Pack' (makes some Teen-only clothing options available to Adult Sims) in the Salon and Wardrobe.
  33. Ghost Hunters: Unlocked at Level 22 to unlock the Ghost Hunter hobby and make Haunted items available for purchase in the Home Store. *Additional reward: Unlocks the 'Haunted House' housing lot to build.
  34. Seniors: Unlocked at Level 23 to unlock the ability to age Adult Sims into Senior Sims. *Additional reward: Unlocks 'Exercise Cycle' for purchase from the Home Store.
  35. Bird-Feeding: Unlocked at Level 24 to unlock the Bird Feeding hobby*Additional reward: Unlocks 'Parrot on a Perch' for purchase from the Home Store.
  36. In StitchesUnlocked at Level 25  to unlock the Quilting hobby*Additional reward: Unlocks the 'Patchwork Teddybear' for purchase from the Home Store.
  37. Life Dreams & Legacies: Unlocked at Level 26 to unlock Life Dreams, Life Orbautomatic aging of Sims, and personalities*Additional reward: Unlocks the 'Singing Salmon' for purchase from the Home Store - you will receive a FREE Singing Salmon if you have already unlocked this item in previous versions of the game.
* The quests can be complete in any amount of time. However, the additional rewards that you can see in the information above are rewards that you can gain by completing the quest within a limited time frame. You will be able to see this timer in the Goal Menu screen for that quest. The timer will begin from when you first unlock that particular quest. Discovery quests are an exception to this, the timer for these start when you finish building the required building or tap "Begin Quest" in the case of characters showing up somewhere.

Happy Simming!

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