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Life Dreams & Legacies Quest

"Life Dreams & Legacies" Quest
You've been given 5 days for this quest, it starts as soon as you've reached level 26.

Note: All the times mentioned are with the use of 3 star items, if you use lower rated items, the times are higher! (Last verified with the Glitz and Glam update, Sept. 2015).

- Call a Friend (4 mins)
  (One of your Sims would like to organise a special get together with a handful of their closest friends! Have the soon-to-be host of the party call a friend on the phone to discuss some of their ideas.)

- Send Invitations on a Computer (4 mins)
  (Your Sims just had the wonderful idea of having a dinner party in the cabin at the Snow Park! Maybe your Sim could use the computer to design and send special invitations to their friends...
Use a computer to Send Party Invitations.)

-  Send 5 Sims to the Snow Park
  (Well done, the invitations have been designed and sent! Your Sim even emailed for catering! Send five of your host's closest friends to the Snow Park.)

- Tend the bar in the Snow Park (Instant)

  (Now, let's warm up with some pre-dinner drinks. Get a Sim to tend the bar in the cabin.

- Order a Cocktail at the Cabin (32 secs, § 2,500)
  (Great! Now, why don’t you light the fireplace and get your Sims to talk to one another while somebody orders a drink.
Order a cocktail at the cabin bar!)

- Ask Osiris about New Inventions (6 mins 12 secs)

  (One of your Sims just overheard that Osiris has been working on a new invention! Ooh, gossip! Apparently he’s been working on something very special. Sneak out of the party, find Osiris and ask him about his new invention.)

- Open the Age Controller

  (Osiris says he’s discovered something within your Sims; the next step in the evolution of the Sim species; the cycle of life and life dreams! How exciting! And look, there’s even a new pulsing button! Press it now to view the Age Controller.)

- Advance an Adult Sim's Age 
  (Well done. Osiris says that you can use the Age Controller to view the current age of your Sims; reverse, advance, or even stop your Sims from aging completely!
Open the Age Controller and advance the age of one of your Sims. Don't worry, the first time is free!)

- Send a Sim to the Park
  (Well done! Speaking of growing older, see the new outline around your Sims in Sim Tracker? This circular outline will continue to fill as your Sims grows older. But never mind that for now, one of your Sims is in the mood for a BBQ in the park!
Send a Sim to the Park!)

- Examine the Glowing Orb (1 day 20 mins)
  (There’s a giant… glowing orb on the pier in the Park! What does it do?! Get one of your Sims to examine it.)

 - Give the Orb to a Senior (Pick wisely, this Sim will die later in the quest!)

  (After a lengthy examination, your Sim has discovered that it's a big, bronze and... glowy... thing. Maybe one of your wise Seniors can figure out what it does. Select the Life Orb and give it to a Senior Sim.  WARNING! The Senior Sim who takes this Orb will pass away during the quest. Choose your Sim carefully.)

- Open the 'Life Dreams' Menu
  (Wow, the glowing orb just flew into your Senior Sim! I wonder what it did! Open the new Life Dreams Menu and find out!  We'll pulse the menu for you so you can find it. Tap it, then tap the new Life Dreams tab.)

- Choose a Life Dream
  (Your Senior Sim just turned into a GEEK! I wonder what sort of dreams they would like to fulfil? Let's find out.
In the Life Dreams menu tap the 'Choose a Life Dream' button that's flashing next to your Senior Sim, then choose from one of the three life dreams available.)
[Note: You can tap 'Not Now' and tap on Choose again to change the available dreams!]

- Fulfill a Life Dream (Depends on the chosen dream!)

  (Your Senior Sim just turned into a GEEK! Not only that, but a geek with a LIFE DREAM! Try fulfilling your Sims Life Dream now.
Remember, you can view Life Dreams at any time via the Life Dreams menu.)

- Have a Senior ask Osiris for Help (5 mins)
  (Hmm… this could take a while. Your Senior Sim only achieved a small portion of their Life Dream. Luckily Osiris is here to help speed things up. Have your SENIOR SIM ask Osiris for help.)

- Tap on the Beach, Carnival, Pet Park, or Arcade on the Island
  (Osiris says that he will help your Sims, but first, he suggests you check out the new Dream Locations on Mystery Island! Dream Locations? How exciting! Find the Beach, Carnival, Pet Park, and Arcade on the left, top and right hand sides of Mystery Island!)

- Have a Senior ask Osiris for help (20 secs)
  (Snorkeling, shell collection, pinball games… these new Dream Locations are unlocked by achieving Life Dreams. Speaking of which, your Senior Sim still needs help fulfilling their Life Dream more quickly. I bet Osiris has some ideas about time acceleration!
Have a Senior Sim ask Osiris for help.)

[Tip: if you want to 'trap' Osiris in your town, make sure you have a Sim ready to 'Be Nice' to Osiris and move the view away. Osiris will stay there until you revisit this lot, only then will Osiris leave. 
If you're quick enough you can even change the Sim that's trapping him, by being nice again, bring another Sim over, then let him/her be nice to Osiris and move the view away. The first Sim can be whistled away.
Osiris will otherwise leave at the end of this quest.]

- Fulfil Life Dream (Depends on the chosen life dream!)
  (Ah, that’s better! Osiris just used his device to speed things up for this Sim! However, there's a small side effect: your Senior Sim’s age has been temporarily paused.
Have your Geeky Senior Sim work toward their Life Dream again! If you forget what their dream is, simply open the Life Dreams Menu! We'll even pulse it again for you now...)

- Have a Scientific Breakthrough in a Bath (9 mins)
  (Wow, your Sim just upgraded the Life Orb from bronze to silver! And in record time, thanks to Osiris! Your geeky Senior Sim looks very pleased. Get your geeky Senior Sim to relax in the bath the only way a geek knows how to: while having a scientific breakthrough.)

- Debunk theory of relativity while drinking tea (10 hrs 30 mins)
  (Wow, your geeky Sim just earned a LOT of XP for that! I guess Sims with their own personalities also get their own unique interactions! I’m sure there are a lot more, too. For example, maybe your geeky Senior Sim has their own geeky way of drinking tea!)

- Have a Senior grow Watermelons (1 hour, can be an adult too and setup beforehand on another lot)
  (Now that your Sim is well rested, they’re in the mood for some gardening. Grow some Watermelons!)

- Bake Gingerbread Sims (6 hrs, can be an adult and setup beforehand on another lot)
  (Your Senior Sim is in the mood for some baking. Bake Gingerbread Sims for your grandchildren.)

- Complete a Cycle of Life (Senior)
   (Your Sim has lived a happy, fulfilling life and appears to be ready to move on! How can I tell? Well, their escort is here right now, getting comfortable in your house and helping itself to the leftovers in the fridge. Your Senior Sim’s sudden change in age must be the side effect Osiris talked about. Oh well, your Sim doesn’t seem to mind!
When your Sim is ready, let your Sim move on to the afterlife.)

- Have 4 Sims at a House
  (Our geeky Sim left behind their Silver Life Orb! Wow, look at it. They certainly did accomplish a lot, didn’t they! Some of your Sims would like to get together to celebrate the geeky accomplishments of the recently departed. Have 4 Sims at the same house for a get together.)

- Be Nice to a Sim (1 min)
  (Your Sims have some great stories about their friend! Be nice to a Sim and tell them a story!)

- Have a Baby (1 day)
  (Two of your romantically involved Sims just had an idea. They want to bring a baby into the world… a baby with its own LIFE DREAMS! Now that the cycle of life is complete, newly born Sims will have their own life dreams to fulfil!)

When you finish the quest within the given time (6 days 23 hrs) you UNLOCK the Singing Salmon (which inspires your Sims instantly after listening to a song (30sec)) The Singing Salmon costs § 1,500 (was: 8 LPs)! Those who have unlocked the Singing Salmon in the past will get ONE for Free.

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