Thursday 6 March 2014

Hobbies: Quilting

Only Seniors can take part in this hobby!

First you'll need to buy the Quilting kit from Promotions 'R Us (costs §2,500):

Note: as of the Neighbours Update it is possible to start and do every hobby in a neighbour's town, provided they do have the requirements.
Next find a Senior Sim without hobbies and place the Quilting Kit. (If your Sim has done another hobby he/she will lose all experience of that hobby!)

Tap the Quilting Kit and tap the Quilting action (8hours!) and wait for the time to pass, you'll earn the indicated XP when it finishes as well as one of the quilt patches.

Please note: patches already collected will NOT yield the rewards again if filled in on the collectibles grid.

The patches:

In Bloom
(l. 1)
§ 50
The Eternal Struggle
(l. 1)
§ 100
Rigorous Splendor
(l. 1)
§ 275
750 XP
Blue Overalls
(l. 2)
§ 75
Yule Be Black
(l. 3)
§ 200
Trade Secret
(l. 3)
§ 500
1000 XP
The Architect
(l. 4)
§ 25
Brown Fury
(l. 4)
§ 250
True Believer
(l. 5)
§ 80
1500 XP
All The Kings Men
(l. 5)
§ 25
The Telltale Heart
(l. 6)
§ 60
Alfs Deceit
(l. 6)
§ 150
2000 XP

The first time unlocking all the collectibles for quilting unlocks "Lazy Patch Chair", which can be found in the Home-Store under Living Room.

The second time completing the collection unlocks "Patchpouri Couch", which can be found in the Home-Store under Living Room. 

The third time completing the collection unlocks "Quiltinator 5000" (Patchwork Bed), which can be found in the Home-Store under Bedroom.

Please note that these pieces of furniture are only UNLOCKED, you still have to buy them.
WARNING: Tapping "Quilt Again" does NOT give you an option to cancel!

The next unlocking gives 3 LPs.

The six levels of quilting are:
1. Patchwork Mismatcher
2. Supervised Stitcher
3. Fabric Handler
4. Quality Quilter
5. Sewings' Secret Weapon
6. The Needle Master

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