Wednesday 19 March 2014

Hobbies: Arcade Gaming

Only Teens can take part in this hobby! 
(Requires to have finished the Life Dreams & Legacies quest, level 24+)

This hobby requires to have built the Ice Ape Acrade (on the island).

The cost for the Ice Ape Arcade is as shown:
- One Bronze Geeky Orb (costing one Sim life, Bronze orbs are worth 70 LPs each)
- One Silver Geeky Orb (costing two Sim lives, Silver orbs are worth 80 LPs each)
You can pay the building cost in part orbs, part LPs. The total cost is 150 LPs if no orbs are used.

Note: as of the Neighbours Update it is possible to start and do every hobby in a neighbour's town, provided they do have met the requirements.
Find a Teen Sim and whistle them to the arcade.
(If your Sim has done another hobby he/she will lose all experience of that hobby!)

Tap the Arcade Game (on the right) to start. Each completed row unlocks the next Arcade Game (and increases the time required).

Please note: Ranks already collected will NOT yield the rewards again if filled in on the collectibles grid.

The Arcade Games:
3rd Rank
2nd Rank
1st Rank
§ 25

§ 60

§ 150
750 XP (1 hour)
Stellar Interlopers
§ 25
§ 80
§ 250
1000 XP (2 hours)
Digging Douglas
§ 50
§ 100
§ 275
1500 XP (4 hours)
Pursuit H.Q.

§ 75

§ 200

§ 500
2000 XP (6 hours)
Virtual Smiter

§ 75

§ 200

§ 500
2000 XP (8 hours)
Spooks 'N Spectres

§ 75

§ 200
§ 500
2000 XP (12 hours)
Street Puncher II

The first time collecting all the ranks unlocks "All-In-One Arcade" for at home.

Please note that this is only UNLOCKED, you still have to buy it.

WARNING: Tapping "Start a new collection" does NOT give you an option to cancel!

The next unlocking gives 3 LPs.

The six levels of Arcade Gaming are:
1. Button Masher
2. Quarter Muncher
3. High Scorer
Local Hero
5. Kill Screen Hunter
6. World Record Holder

Happy Simming!

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