Tuesday 11 August 2015

Finger Painting Hobby Event

The Finger Painting Hobby Event

Immediately after the quest "Super Toddler Secret Mission" finishes, you're presented with the Finger Painting Hobby Event.
This event lasts 7 days, in which you can unlock the time-limited "Pop-up bookshelf" (toddler furniture).

First, you'll need to buy a "Finger Painting Easel" from "Promotions 'R Us". This costs § 4,000 and until you've completed the collection for the first time (and thus finished the event) you're allowed only one in town!

Place it somewhere in the house where the toddler can reach it, then tap it to start the 3 hours and 30 mins lasting Finger Painting.

Please note that once the toddler completed a painting, an Adult can take it into the inventory and then can be used to decorate the house! This can also be done with finished paintings from the Adult's Easel, as well as at neighbours' easels!

Finishing the hobby unlocks the Toddler Kitchen Playset (§ 5,000).

Finishing the hobby within the time-limit unlocks the "pop-up book", shown as "Pop-up bookshelf" in the toddler section of the home store. Price: § 9,500.

Once you've completed the grid, you're invited to start the hobby over again. At this point you can buy TWO more finger painting easels. The maximum allowed is THREE. 

This will make the new (NOT time-limited) rewards available, namely 6 packs of two new Toddler Outfits for your male and female Toddlers. But that requires completing and resetting the collection 6 times!

The outfits:

Happy Simming!

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