Tuesday 7 July 2015

Outdoors: Building the bridge and camping area

Deer Spring Falls campground: Unlocking the Bridge and camping area

Available after completing The "Vacationer's Guide to the Outdoors" quest and opening the picnic area (but from the 9th of July)

There is no quest for this part!

Opening the bridge and cleaning up the camping area will unlock the Storytelling hobby.

Once you've opened the bridge you're faced with a large cleanup operation again.
The following items need to be cleaned up (times are for each item!):
- 1 time Trash: 15 mins
- 3 times Trash: 45 mins
- 1 time Trash: 1 hr 30 mins
- 3 times Broken Lanten: 3 hrs 30 mins
- 2 times Jerrycan: 4 hrs 30 mins
- 5 times Trash: 4 hrs 30 mins
- 2 times Garbage Can: 6 hrs 30 mins
- 5 times Trash: 8 hrs 30 mins
- 5 times Gas Bottles: 10 hrs 30 mins
- 3 times Oil Drum: 12 hrs 30 mins

Now you can start the Storytelling hobby by tapping green lock at the campfire (it's turn into a bear statue). The regular rewards are the ability to build: tents, deer meadow, canoe. Finishing within the given week unlocks the campfire (which you can place at your homes).

The Storytelling hobby is uses separate actions for each row. After finishing one row, you unlock the next.
Times/actions are as follows:
- Tell a comdey story - 3 hrs 30 mins
- Tell a romance story - 4 hrs 30 mins
- Tell an action story - 5 hrs 30 mins
- Tell a scary story - 6 hrs 30 mins

The campfire can be bought from the home-store (outdoors decorations) and placed at homes:

You can now build the following:
- Blue Dome Tent: 5 hrs 30 mins - § 35,000
- Yellow Dome Tent: 5 hrs 30 mins - § 35,000
- Red Dome Tent: 6 hrs 30 mins - § 40,000
- Purple Dome Tent: 6 hrs 30 mins - 20 SP
- Canoe: 20 hrs 30 mins - § 125,000
- Deer Meadow: 1 day - § 150,000

All tents have the same actions with the same times (offers space to 2 Sims):

The canoe offers actions for up to two Sims (Short Paddle (1 Sim)- 10 mins and Wait for Buddy, then either Join in or Romantic Ride - 1 hr 30 mins for 2 Sims).

The Deer Meadow features three deer which can be fed (8 secs). I have not seen any pet-rewards.

Happy Simming!

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