Tuesday 28 July 2015

Musical Expression Hobby Event

The Musical Expression Hobby

Immediately after the quest "Nanny Knows Best" finishes, you're presented with the Musical Expression Hobby Event.
This event lasts 7 days, in which you can unlock the time-limited "Baby Jumper" (baby furniture).

First, you'll need to buy a "xylophone" from "Promotions 'R Us". This costs § 2,000 and until you've completed the collection for the first time (and thus finished the event) you're allowed only one in town! After finishing you're allowed only three in total!

Place it somewhere in the house where the baby can reach it (place the baby on the same floor and make him/her active), then tap the Xylophone to start the 6 hours and 30 mins lasting Xylophone banging.

Please note that (at the time of writing) it takes longer to complete the grid than a baby's lifespan lasts! So you'll have to spend at least 1 LP to reset their age in order to complete the event! (This applies only to those whose Sims started ageing during/after the Life Dreams and Legacies quest, those who have not reached that quest don't see ageing and thus don't need to reset the baby's age.)

Finishing the hobby unlocks the Play Mat (§5,500).

Finishing the hobby within the time-limit unlocks the "baby jumper", shown as "Infant Bouncer" in the baby section of the home store. Price: § 4,000.

Once you've completed the grid, you're invited to start the hobby over again.

This will make the new (NOT time-limited) rewards available, namely 6 packs of two new Baby Outfits for your male and female babies. But that requires completing and resetting the collection 6 times!

Happy Simming!

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