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Making money and LPs

Making money/LPs with the Cooking hobby explained

The reason for posting this guide is the never-ending stream of people asking for petfarms. Petfarms are rare, hard to build and difficult to maintain, because there are some losers on Facebook who keep reporting people (for fake accounts, hacked accounts or anything else that will block their FB account).
Petfarms could only be created on the Seniors update (released January 2014) and were very expensive (for example: 75 Robocats cost 6,000 LPs!!!) Making pertfarms is no longer possible on the current versions.
Because of all this I do not have a petfarm online and refuse to give the names of those I know who have one.

How to earn those much wanted LPs yourself? Easy, cooking!

The Breadwinner quest is the first quest available after the tutorial and once you finish it, you can cook!
Cooking is the most rewarding hobby of all hobbies in Sims Freeplay! When using 10 Sims, it earns you more than a fully inspired 75 robocat petfarm in § (simoleons) and LPs, but you also earn a lot of XP and even TV* with it! (*TV = Town Value, which is the base for your Daily Rewards. The higher it gets, the more your daily reward will be.)

You don't have to follow this guide exactly, you can be creative with it.

You probably have a Sim who has done some cooking already from the Breadwinner quest. Use that one and/or any other Sim(s) to cook the 1 minute "Cheese and Tomato on Toast" (requires a toaster). 

You can do that at their home or a dedicated place (see below). The first time filling the collection grid is the hardest, since you need to level up and unlock positions on the grid. You will get a lot of already collected rewards, which earn nothing. But keep persisting and you will unlock the Cutting Boards. When you're done, tap the START NEW ACCESSORY COLLECTION button. It does get easier from this point onwards, now that you've unlocked the entire grid.

Ideally, buy the small Empty lot. It's the cheapest and ideal for dedicating to a hobby place. I don't care about cleaning up plates afterwards, so I dedicated one lot to the hobby, especially since we have more lots than Sims. You don't have to move a Sim into it, unless you lack space. You can still inspire them on other lots. If you need § for it, use the options available to you like planting, baking and/or sending your Sims to work.

Place a room big enough to hold 10 stoves and place up to 10 stoves (of any quality) in there. If you have only 5 Sims, just place the 5 and add more later on when you need them. The maximum amount of Sims you can have on one lot is 10! (Not living there, just visiting).

Make another small room (without a door, to stop your Sims from running all over the place) and place a cabinet with a toaster on it.

The total of the example house in the picture above: § 10,515
(The cost for the house is based on early game stage, with few houses built).

- Empty lot (with only 4 other houses built): § 7,500
- Cooking room (I use 5x5 squares): § 225
- Door: § 150
- 5 Stoves: § 1750
- Small room (1x2): § 40
- Cabinet: § 100
- Toaster: § 750

Now whistle your Sims to the lot and set them all to cooking the 1 minute "Cheese and Tomato on Toast". This time, when the grid is full, you'll get 5 LPs! Whenever it's full, reset the collection and continue.

You will have noticed that when a Sim levels up in the cooking hobby, you've received rewards for that too.
Level 1 -> level 2 earns XP 250
Level 2 -> level 3 earns XP 500
Level 3 -> level 4 earns § 750
Level 4 -> level 5 earns TV 10,000*
Level 5 -> level 6 earns 1 LP!
When your Sim reached level 6 and gave you the 1 LP, send them to the park to do a 10 mins fishing (or any other hobby you have available). This will give them (some) level 1 in that hobby. When they're done, send them back to cooking to earn those level-up rewards again.

It takes 1 hour and 15 minutes of cooking the 1 minute "Cheese and Tomato on Toast" to reach level 6. During that time you probably have collected the grid a few times, depending on the amount of Sims you used.

Examples (amounts vary with your efforts, these numbers include reaching level 6 in cooking):
- 4 Sims cooking for 1 hour and 15 mins gave: § 20,000 and 28 LPs, TV 40,000 and depending on your level (sampled at 10), you might have gained enough XP to level up to the next.
- 10 Sims cooking for 1 hour and 15 mins gave: § 50,000 and 57 LPs, TV 100,000 and depending on your level (sampled at 15), you might have gained enough XP to level up twice.

Comparison with the above mentioned petfarm sample:
The petfarm with 75 inspired robocats gave in 1 hour and 15 minutes: § 48,750 and 42 LPs, but of course no XP or TV.

Happy Cooking!

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