Tuesday 24 March 2015

Northern Glade Castle Information

The Northern Glade Castle

Once you've finished the Royal Lineage quest, you have access to the grounds of the castle. At that point you can start the Archery hobby, which unlocks the four statues. These four statues have to be build if you want access to the castle. The Archery hobby is straight forward, level up to unlock the next part of the collection and each row unlocks a statue. Once you've finished the collection you can build the "Royal Gallery".

Please note: There is no time limit to complete building the castle!

- Archer's Statue: costs § 35,000, takes 4 hrs, adds § 100,000 TV
- Jester's Statue: costs § 50,000, takes 6 hrs, adds § 100,000 TV
- Prince's Statue: costs § 75,000, takes 8 hrs, adds § 100,000 TV
- Princess' Statue: costs § 125,000, takes 10 hrs, adds § 100,000 TV

Opening the Royal Galley costs § 200,000, takes 16 hrs, adds § 100,000 TV

Once the Royal Gallery has been build, you can start on the Jester hobby. This hobby works different from the Archery hobby. You'll start off with only one option: "Dance - 4 hrs 30 mins", then with each row you unlock a new option to fill the next row. 

The Royal Gallery features also a harp and a unique bookcase.

Once you collect everything you unlock the option to build the "Throne Room".
The Throne Room costs § 300,000, takes 1 day, adds § 100,000 TV.

The Throne Room gives a couple of new things:
- Access to new Royal Clothing
- Access to the Throne to make decrees
- Access to the Royal Fireplace (which has some special interactions)

Decrees do influence your town for 24 hours (after a 4 hour session of making the decree):
- Friendship Day will speed up building friendships by approximately 33% (in the relationship bar, not time).
- Lovers Day will speed up building romantic relationships by approximately 33% (in the relationship bar, not time).
- Hat Day makes al (most?)l Sims wear hats.
- Walk Like Zombies Day will do exactly that, all Sims will walk like zombies.
- Walk Like Chickens Day will do exactly that, all Sims will walk like chickens.
- Rainy Day makes it rain on every lot in your town.
- Snowy Day makes it snow on every lot in your town.

The Royal Fireplace:

The green fairy will stay around afterwards and has different interactions from the fairies you can buy:

And the wardrobe will give you access to Free Royal Outfits (uses the hair colour from BEFORE changing):
(Adult Female)
(Adult Male)
(Tween/Teen Female)
(Tween/Teen Male)

(I have not seen any Royal Outfits for other age groups.)

Happy Simming!

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