Saturday 25 May 2013

Hobbies: Woodworking

Note: as of the Neighbours Update it is possible to start and do every hobby in a neighbour's town, provided they do have the requirements.
First you'll need to build the community centre:

Next you need to send up to 3 adult sims to the community centre, tap the floors button and put your sims to work, by tapping a workbench, then picking one of the 4 actions. (If your sim has done another hobby he/she will lose all experience of that hobby!)

Pick one of the four actions and wait for the time to pass, you'll earn the indicated XP when it finishes, at that point your sim will be waiting with an exclamation mark bubble above his/her head.  

There is a chance you'll have to play the mini-game if your sim made a doll. The doll will run to the piece of machinery with the pipes attached to it, your sim will rush to one of the windows. The trick is to tap the doll when it's heading for one of the open windows. Sometimes you need to tap it several times before it changes direction! So far I get the best results with one of those special pen-like pointing stick for my touch screen. Zooming in a little helps too, provided you have enough screen space left.

Please note: items already collected will yield the rewards again! Even if filled in on the collectibles grid.

The collectibles: (Note: Recently the XP for each item is removed, NOT the bonus!)

Board with Bent Nail (l. 1)
XP 50 & § 25
Pine Oakio (l. 1)
XP 75 & § 60
Li'l Ole Smokey (l. 1)
XP 95 & § 150
750 XP
2-Bit Wooden Hammer (l. 2)
XP 50 & § 20
SimCity Turbine Replica (l. 3)
XP 85 & § 80
Sammy Splinters (l. 3)
XP 150 & § 250
1000 XP
Weird Ornament (l. 4)
XP 65 & § 50
Fine Sculpture (l. 4)
XP 90 & § 100
Rumple Steelskin (l.5)
XP 200 & § 275
1500 XP
Will Wright Replica (l. 5)
XP 80 & § 75
Wooden Dragon (l. 6)
XP 100 & § 200
Ragtime Runaway (l 6)
XP 250 & § 500
2000 XP

The Completed Woodworking Collection with old bonuses

The first time completing all the collectibles for woodworking unlocks "Woodworking Bench" (then it's available for §1800 at the "Promotions 'R US"). 
The second time completing the collection unlocks "Free Premium Dog Kennel". (Recommended retail price 20 LP). 
The third completion unlocks "Free Foosball Table". The forth and further unlocking gives you 3 LPs.

One of the pros of having a bench at home is that you no longer need to chase the dolls over the pipes, so you always get their reward! The Bench can be placed indoors as well as outdoors and takes 2 by 2 squares.

WARNING: Tapping "Start a new collection" does NOT give you an option to cancel!

The six levels of woodworking are:
1. What is a hammer?
2. Apprentice
3. Experienced
4. Skilled
5. Expert
6. Master Craftsman

Conclusion: Woodworking can be used for fun quick profits.

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