Monday 6 May 2013

Hobbies: Ghost Hunting

Note: as of the Neighbours Update it is possible to start and do every hobby in a neighbour's town, provided they do have the requirements.

First you'll need to add haunted items to a house:
The haunted items are found throughout the home-store, marked by the little red ghost. This painting is just an example.

Next find a sim without hobbies and take him/her to the house with the haunted items. (If your sim has done another hobby he/she will lose all experience of that hobby!) 
Pick the action "Hunt for Ghosts" and wait for the time to pass, you'll earn the indicated XP when it finishes, at that point your sim will be waiting with a red ghost bubble above his/her head. After tapping the bubble a ghost will appear and tries to escape. Tap it three times and you'll earn §/XP for each tap, as well as a reward for the ghost if you hadn't collect it already.

Note: Haunted items need recharging: 1 star - 30 mins, 3 stars -  10 mins as of the Teen Update. Also note that both the starting item and the ending item need recharging!

Here you see both the action and one sim who's done with the hunting and ready for tapping.

Please note: ghosts already collected will NOT yield the rewards again if filled in on the collectibles grid. For example; the first time you catch a Hoodoo, you'll get § 500, but without starting a new collection, every next Hoodoo doesn't give you any collecting reward (except for action related XP, the tapped §/XP/LP rewards and adding to the sim's experience in ghost hunting if possible). The ghost Cackles sometimes gives 1 LP during the 3-taps sequence, I haven't seen any other ghosts giving an LP.

The collectibles:

Pimpernickel Scaresalot (l. 1)
§ 25
Mr. Flapsworth 
(l. 1)
§ 25
Nanny Frightsmith 
(l. 1)
§ 50
750 XP
Chewy Chewfinger 
(l. 2)
§ 75
Warts Cauldron 
(l. 3)
§ 100
Gruesome Gretchen
(l. 3)
§ 150
1000 XP
Cousin Flapsworth 
(l. 4)
§ 250
(l. 4)
§ 200
(l. 5)
§ 275
1500 XP
Hugo Argh 
(l. 5)
§ 60
Flapsworth Jnr. 
(l. 6)
§ 80
(l. 6)
§ 500
2000 XP
Horrible Helga
(l. 6)
§ 500
(l. 7)
§ 600
(l. 7)
§ 200
3000 XP
(l. 7)
§ 700
Fright in Shining Armour
(l. 8)
§ 400
Lord of Flapsworth Manor
(l. 8)
§ 600
5000 XP 
Collection of Ghosts during Halloween 2013 event.

The first time unlocking all the collectibles for Ghost Hunting unlocks "Ghost Containment Tank" (which can be found in the home-store under Decorations for § 8,000, the next time completing the collection gives 5 LPs.

WARNING: Tapping "Start a new collection" does NOT give you an option to cancel!

The eight levels of ghost hunting are:
1. Crackpot
2. Doomsday Slayer
3. Spook Seeker
4. Ghost Aficionado
5. Paranormal Investigator
6. Peter Venksim
(Added during The Great Ghost Escape October '13:)
7. Ghoul Whisperer
8. Master Ghostologist

Tip: Hoodoo and the last 6 ghosts are the fastest ghosts and might escape easily. You can prevent ghosts from escaping your lot by enclosing it in rows of conifers. One of my projects is a ghost hunting maze and every ghost follows the maze, unable to escape through the conifers. 
Cackles trying to find the exit in my maze.
Last updated with The Great Ghost Escape.

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