Thursday 19 February 2015

Event: The Rainbow Rider

The Rainbow Rider

Starts on the 21st of February.
To gain access to the event, and have a chance to get your own RAINBOW Unicorn, complete the following requirements:
- Complete the 'Hidden Unicorn' quest available from level 14.
- Unlock the Show Jumping hobby in the Stables.

  (That means having cleared the paddock and own a three-star horse).

Rumors of an elegant, rainbow colored unicorn are circulating in Sim Town. Do your Sims have what it takes to lure it out of hiding?

Complete this quest within the time limit (7 days) and the fabulous Rainbow Unicorn will be available to your Sims.

If you tapped NO on the announcement, you can find it in the tasks/quests list. Please note that tapping no will NOT stop the count-down!
- Win a Ribbon in Show Jumping
  (One of your Sims has been thinking about improving their show jumping skills. Have them win a ribbon for Show Jumping.)

- Have 3 Unique Ribbons 
  (As your Sim was leaping over the last obstacle, they saw an incredible rainbow flash through the trees. Was it an elusive Rainbow Unicorn attracted by your Sims Show Jumping skills? Keep practicing!
Practice Show Jumping until you earn 3 unique ribbons.)

- Have 6 Unique Ribbons 
  (Amazing! The first 3 Show Jumping ribbons are yours. Your Sim definitely saw a Rainbow Unicorn through the trees that time. Keep going!
Practice Show Jumping until you earn 6 unique ribbons.)

- Have 9 Unique Ribbons 
  (Your Sims’ Show Jumping skills are incredible, and the Rainbow Unicorn is appearing more and more frequently.
Practice Show Jumping until you earn 9 unique ribbons.)

- Have Every Show Jumping Ribbon 
  (It’s the last stretch! Completing the Show Jumping ribbon collection will certainly make the Rainbow Unicorn show its long face more permanently.
Practice Show Jumping until you earn all ribbons.)

Congratulations! The gallant Rainbow Unicorn is now available from the stables.

This penultimate Unicorn is made of pure rainbows and can inspire sad Sims!

Happy Simming!

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