Tuesday 21 October 2014

Discovery Quest: Witches and Wizards: The book of Spells

This update and related quest are a little different.

To initiate the first quest you need to build the Sorcerous Supplies Store near the Snow Park. (It's similar to the Promotions 'R Us store). Once that is finished, the first quest will start. Building time and cost varies with the amount of buildings present!

The Book of Spells

Time-limit is 7 days.

Complete this quest within the time limit to have cuddly, fire-breathing pet Dragons in Sim Town!
Complete this quest to unlock the Spell Casting hobby!

- Buy a Crystal Ball (§ 5,000)
- Place a Crystal Ball in a House (It'll be stored in the Decorations section)
- Look into the Crystal Ball (30 secs)
- Gaze into the Crystal Ball (30 secs)
- Pick Up the Magic Wand (2 secs)
- Unlock the Door to the Wand Room (2 hrs 30 mins, search for clues first, although that is a bit random)
- Pick Up the Magic Wand (30 secs)
- Use a Crystal Ball to go Home (1 sec)
- Act Casual on a Couch (10 hrs 3-star)
- Place the Magic Wand Podium in your House (Hobbies section)
- Cast Random Spells (13 hrs 30 mins)
- Talk to a Sim about Magic Wands (8 mins)
- Use the Magic Wand (Podium 13 hrs 30 mins)
- Watch Emergency Broadcast (2 hrs 30 mins)
- Visit the Park
- Call a Sim to the Park
- Formulate a Plan (6 hrs 10 mins, tap a Mummy)
- Search for a Mummy Removal Spell on the Internet (13 hrs 30 mins)
- Perform Anti-Mummies Spell on a Magic Wand (7 mins)
- Use the Crystal Ball to Visit the Wizard's House
- Read Weird World of Wands at Wizard's House (22 hrs 30 mins)
- Explain to the Wizard (8hrs 12 Mins)
- Use the Crystal Ball to go back Home
- Call a Sim to the Park
- Talk to the Wizard (1 min 40 secs)
- Distract a Mummy (16 hrs 30 mins)
- Talk to Wizard about Magic Spells (3 mins)
- Distract a Mummy (16 hrs 30 mins)
- Joke around with the Wizard (10 secs)
- Distract a Mummy (16 hrs 30 mins)
- Pack up the Magic Wand Podium (30 secs, interact with podium)
- Talk to the Wizard (3 hrs 10 mins)

Wow, what an exciting quest! To reward your Sim for your help (and to compensate your Sim for having to dance like a giant chicken to distract the mummies), the Wizard has given you your very own Magic Wand Podium complete with a Book of Spells.
Get yours from the Sorcerous Supplies today!

Congratulations, you've gained access to Pet Dragons! Lucky you! You're going to be the envy of the entire Sims community...
Get your Pet Dragon from the Pet Store today!

And then the announcement for the new hobby's special item follows...

Please note that if you decide NOT to start the special hobby event, you can start it by beginning the hobby. The timer does start at the moment the event is announced!!

Happy Simming!

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