Friday 18 October 2013

Comments closed!

There are too many questions that could have been avoided by simply looking a little around or using one's brain! I have posted a lot of useful information! Read it! Almost everything on this blog can be found by using the Pages section with the links within on the right. ---->

I can no longer spend my precious time on answering questions and nobody else (or very very rarely) answers any of the questions posted in the comments.

Maintaining this blog is a hobby, it started to look like becoming a support agent for free and it looks too much like work! I'm not employed by EA or Firemonkeys!!!

Therefore I have closed the comments for this blog, if you are having trouble, please use the unofficial forum, there are many people there who can and likely will answer your questions: 

Technical support (if your game does not work as expected, like missing quests, no goals, no building options, crashes, unexpected behaviour and such) use:

Thank you for understanding!