Sunday 21 July 2013

The Scandinavian House

I took one of my Sims, had them pack their pickup truck with a pile of LPs and went to travel to other towns in order to rake in those precious SPs. Two full days of ploughing through the Social Goals, along with some travelling back and forth to exchange the Sim for a pre-teen or someone with the right skills. But the result was here yesterday. The official forum (and people on my GC/FB friendlists) had the first looks. Now I finally found some time to sit down and upload my pictures here.

(There is a thread with pictures on the unofficial forum here: Pre Made Houses)

I present you:
The Scandinavian House (or should that be Siminavian?)
It comes in two versions: 450 SP for the small lot, 600 SP for the larger lot.
You can save yourself a lot of frustration and disappointment if you go for the 450 SP one instead of the 600 SP one. Why? Unless you're bathing in SPs, I doubt you'd like to pay 150 SP for the extra piece of grass. Yes, you did read that correctly.


The default view of the small version...

 View from the front...

 View from the back...

This is what you get for 150 SP more... (the rest is the same as the 450 SP version). Notice how there is a road instead of a beach at the end...

Somehow I can't deny that I'm feeling HIGHLY disappointed with the 600 SP version. It's not worth the extra 150 SP at all. Whether or not the 450 SP is worth it, is up to you. It does feature some unique items and is certainly not bad at all.

For those who have me on their GC/FB list, I have used a backup to put only the 450 SP version in my town. It's located between the starter house and the Ghost Hunting maze/labyrinth.

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